Optimize your CV

Your CV is an accurate and clear picture of your career revealing essentially your positive aspects.

Write your CV in Word format. A page should suffice, but according to your experience you can go up to 3 pages.

  • «Aerate» the text with short paragraphs and a simple and classic font.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Take care of spelling.
  • Promote yourself without bragging.
  • Awake the curiosity! Wait for the interview to reveal your assets.

Once your CV is complete copy according to the sections of the ATCT CV building that will help you to steer well

Your marital status

Present your name, first name, address, telephone and professional e-mail.

Your professional experiences

Start with the last job, indicate the company/organization name, dates of beginning and end of employment, Position title, functions and assignments.

Example: Since 01/01/1993

Position title, name of company or organization, city, country.

use short sentences of a line to describe your activities in this job, use "action verbs" to give more impact, at least one of these sentences should describe an initiative you have undertaken or an accomplishment and the results, consider using the form P.A.R. (problem, action, results), put the emphasis on the "transferable skills": leadership, organization, communication, creativity etc.

Extra-professional activities

Give an idea about your most significant extra-professional activities.

They are used to show another side of yourself and highlight your personality.