Our management team

  1. Mr. Mohamed BLIDI

    M. Mohamed BLIDIGeneral Manager

  2. Mr.Hedi Bedhiefi

    Mr.Hedi BedhiefiDirector, Communication Studies & Marketing

  3. Mrs. Lamia ESSEGHAIER

    Mrs. Lamia ESSEGHAIERDirector, Promotion of South-South Cooperation Programs & Projects

  4. Mrs Donia BELHAJ HAMIDA

    Mrs Donia BELHAJ HAMIDADirector of Governance

  5. Mrs Farjia BESBES

    Mrs Farjia BESBESDirector, Management of Tunisian Professionals & Experts Abroad

  6. Mr. Imed ABDENNOUR

    Mr. Imed ABDENNOURDirector, Recruitment of Tunisian Professionals

  7. Mrs Rebha MBAREK

    Mrs Rebha MBAREKDirector, Administrative Affairs