Mission of the ATCT

Activities and Missions of the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation

The activities of the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation are built up on four main missions : 

Identification, selection and recruitment of the Tunisian senior executives to work abroad according to brother and fellow countries’ and regional and international organizations’ needs

This is one of the main activities of the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation. 

The number of senior executives working within technical co-operation increased from 1000 in 1980 to over 16.000 today.
They work mainly in education, higher education, health, agriculture and engineering sectors.  
There is also a high number of technicians in electricity, mechanics, computing and telecommunication
These senior executives come from the Tunisian administration, the universities and from private and public enterprises. 

Furthermore, the recruitment process of these development aid workers includes four steps :  

The organization of training sessions for the benefit of executives from brotherly and friendly countries.

The training and development of the capacities of foreign executives in Tunisia is one of the main axes of Tunisian technical cooperation.

ATCT has organized training sessions for more than 3,700 executives from african and arab countries in various fields such as:

  • Basic health
  • Advancement of women
  • Environment
  • Education and higher education
  • Publishing and distributing the school book
  • Literacy
  • Vocational training
  • The promotion of SMEs/SMIs
  • Agriculture and fisheries.
  • Quality Management
  • Finance
  • The Administration
  • The Judiciary
  • New technologies
  • Project Management.

These training sessions are carried out by tunisian individual and institutional skills within the framework of bilateral or triangular cooperation.

The ATCT works on the proper conduct of the training sessions and study visits and provides all appropriate conditions in terms of reception, accommodation, displacement, field visits, socio-cultural activity ....

The ATCT organizes two types of training:

The realization of consultancy missions and technical assistance projects for the benefit of developing countries

Over the past 5 years, 294 Tunisian experts and consultants have carried out missions of expertise and technical assistance in various fields such as : fighting against blindness, poverty alleviation, advancement of women, vocational training and Employment, quality, finance, administration, judiciary ...

Annual Evolution of the number of tunisian cooperating professional and experts abroad

L’année Le nombre
2012 12886
2013 14600
2014 16229
2015 17796
2016 17331
The promotion of South-South technical cooperation and trilateral cooperation:

Tunisia is one of the first countries in the south to have developed a South-South cooperation policy since its independence, particularly with the placement of tunisian teachers in brotherly and friendly countries (Mauritania, Djibouti and Comoros).

Its successful experience in various areas of development and its commitment to the countries of the South enabled it to be considered as a "pivotal country" for the promotion of South-South cooperation and consequently:

  • It is invited to participate regularly in the High Level Committee on Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (CTPD) under the auspices of the Special Group of the CTPD in the UNDP.
  • Obtained the support of the Special Group for Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (CTPD) and organized a high-level forum to identify the needs of 13 african countries in the area of sustainable human development.
  • To be chosen by some developed countries as a partner.

ATCT is designated as the national focal point and as such represents Tunisia in international actions to promote technical cooperation among developing countries (CTPD).