Training foreign executives

Customized training

The TATC receives many applications for specific individual or collective training from countries and from specialized international agencies UNDP, UNESCO, UNOPS, OIF, BID, BAD, JICA, ACDI, AFD….).

This type of training is tailored to meet the various needs of the beneficiaries and aims at helping the trainees to acquire new knowledge or consolidate previous acquisitions in relation with their professions and their responsibilities.

For this end, the TATC identifies the suitable training program that corresponds to the trainees’ experience, their linguistic capacities, to the objectives of the training needed and to the tasks and responsibilities, they will have to endorse when they get back to their home countries.

Among the areas involving training, we can mention:

  • Management of higher studies institutions.
  • Health and occupational security
  • Managing technical cooperation.
  • Basic education.
  • Rural integrated development.
  • Management of maritime credits.
  • Safeguard and preservation of money.
  • Promoting private investment and managing external debt.

Standard training

The TATC organizes training sessions for groups of 15 to 20 people coming from different countries. To do so, it relies on a Tunisian training capacity, which includes over 132 centers and specialized institutions, and realized about 190 training projects.

This type of training related to priority areas aims at promoting a better exchange in terms of experience between the participants and improving their knowledge.

The following are examples of the topics developed in these training sessions:

  • Sustainable development.
  • Reproductive health.
  • Economic development (agriculture, investment, assistance to the private sector).
  • Planning and survey elaboration as well as development project evaluation.
  • Women and development.
  • Fighting desertification.
  • Managing public debt.