• The proposed salary and the contract terms are not convenient, what’s the fate of my job application file ?
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    The rejection of the terms set forth in the employment agreement and the non-signature therein do not lead to the withdrawal of your file as to the upcoming job offers. Your job application will be put forward each time your file fulfills the required terms set forth in the new job offers received by the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation.
  • How much do the services provided by the ATCT cost ? How much does it withhold for each signed contract ?
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    All ATCT services are free of charge. No withholding is carried out by the ATCT on employment agreements abroad. The total amount of wage agreed upon is yours. Moreover, the ATCT ensures that : * Both parties abide by the provisions of the agreement. *The best possible job offer be guaranteed to job applicants (This does not prevent the fact that sometimes job applicants can negotiate contract terms directly with the recruitment mission).