Apply for short mission :

How to apply for short mission?

If you are already registered in the ATCT candidacy bank

Case of a recruitment offer for a short period mission

In case a recruitment offer for a short mission is submitted to the ATCT, the manager in charge of the offer will consult your candidacy file. If your profile matches the terms of reference of the offer, or you have a potential you will be contacted, by e-mail or by phone, by the manager to ask you to participate and if necessary to review the presentation of your resume and highlight your experience in the areas described in the terms of reference.

Case of a notice for expressions of interest

Notices for expressions of interest relating to development projects, benefiting notably African countries, that are submitted to the ATCT are published on its website

They can concern individual experts or consulting firms.

The aim of the publication is to provide Tunisian experts, consultants and research departments with the opportunity to participate in international markets.

If you want to show your interest to be selected for participation with the publication of the international offer that is "short-listed" at the issuing of the notice (Ministry, institution, backer), you can send your detailed CV and possibly a note on your approach, your vision to accomplish the mission described in the notice as well as your covering letter.

The ATCT will forward your expression of interest, will monitor and notify you if you are short-listed.

Note: It is possible to ask the ATCT to present a joint expression of interest.

If you are not registered at the ATCT candidacy bank

The ATCT offers you the opportunity to participate in the recruitment offers for projects even if you are not registered in the candidacy database.

The ATCT also contacts Tunisian institutions and asks them to nominate the executives having the desired profiles.

Therefore, if you are nominated by your employer, you will be contacted by the ATCT relevant services to present your CV, your financial proposal and a summary of your approach on the mission to perform.

Note: Please note that for the above two cases, your CV will be saved automatically in the database of the ATCT.