Managing your financial benefits :

Two cases:

The ATCT is the exclusive manager of the budget assigned to the mission:

In fact, the ATCT has foreign partners whose relationships are governed by conventions and agreements stipulating that the Agency must be the exclusive manager of the funds and portfolios of technical assistance projects that are run by Tunisian experts such as the IDB (link to IDB site), JICA (link with the JICA site). Consequently, the ATCT is responsible for managing the funds allocated to the project for which you are assigned.

As such, the ATCT will provide you with :

The plane ticket, the insurance contract and an advance on your first monthly payment (For a one-month mission and more) or your per diem (for an assignment of less than one month).

If the duration of your mission is longer than one month, the requesting party of expertise or the funding agency will arrange payment of the rest of your pay under the terms of a signed contract.

The ATCT also ensures the proper procedure of the mission.

The ATCT is not the project manager:

In case the ATCT is not the project manager, and the party requesting the expertise agrees to assume all costs of the mission, and fixes payment terms in a signed contract, the ATCT only makes sure that all interested parties in the project (the expert and the expertise beneficiary), honor their commitments and that the mission takes place under the best possible conditions.