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Domain Food Industries
Recruitment sector Private
Diploma Certificate of Professional Technician
Certificate of Professional Aptitude
Country of assignment Canada
Duration of contract 2 Year
Salary in DT / Euros or Dollars 36000USD
Civil status Single, Married
Specialties Processing and conservation of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
Languages French
Age limit 45
Expected date of recruitment 01.04.2021
Deadline for submission of application 13.09.2020
Number of years of experience 3
Kind Homme, Femme
Job Description Under the responsibility of the meat department manager, the fishmonger assumes the activities related to the marketing of fishery products. He offers unparalleled customer service. He maintains order in his workspace.
 Assume activities related to the marketing of fishery products.
 Greet customers in a courteous and attentive manner.
 Identify waiting customers and ask for help during peak periods.
 Propose appropriate recipes for the transformation of products according to their species.
 Demonstrate one or more products for presentation and / or tasting during the periods targeted for this purpose.
 Set up the ice tables according to the icing techniques and the type of product.
 Unpack the goods received (fresh and frozen), check the quality and quantity received.
 Pack, weigh, label merchandise and make price changes in accordance with labeling and price display standards.
 Rotate the products by checking the expiration date.
 Make the frontage (facing) of the products according to the established standards.
 Apply occupational health and safety procedures, policies and standards.
 Apply food safety procedures, policies and standards.
 Safely use the various equipment (cart, compactor, etc.)
Job Description