Ministère de l'Economie et de la Planification

Détails poste

Responsable de production

N° du poste


Domaine Santé
Secteur de recrutement Privé
Diplôme Diplôme national de licence appliquée
Diplôme de doctorat en médecine
Diplôme de doctorat en médecine dentaire
Diplôme national en pharmacie
Diplôme de technicien supérieur (bac + 3)
Diplôme de médecin spécialiste
Pays d'affectation Divers
Salaire en DT/Euros ou Dollars 0000Dollar
Etat civil Célibataire, Marié(e)
Spécialités Pharmacie
Sciences Pharmaceutiques
Langues Arabe
Age limite 40
Date prévue de recrutement 21.05.2024
Date limite de dépot de candidature 17.05.2024
Nombre d’année d’expérience 3
Genre Homme, Femme
Description poste - Other Benefits (One Ticket per Year, Social and Medical Insurance, mobile line, Visa, housing, transportation.)
- Day Off / holiday: Day off: 1.5 days (Saturday – Sunday) per week.
- Annual Vacation: One month per year.

- Other skills,
experience, notes - Experience in West Africa is a must:
- Experience in Marketing.
- leadership skills, analysis and reporting.
- Negotiation skills, Teaching skills , Sales skills, organized, stable, flexible, adaptable,
customer oriented.
- Interested in travelling to West Africa.

Job Description:
• Responsible for improving efficiency and increasing sales profits in West Africa countries.
• Develop, implement and continuously improve on the strategic and tactical business activities.
• Establishing new business opportunities with expansion in new countries.
• Study and analyze markets and products, evaluate their competition with competitors’ products, and
provide the necessary suggestions and recommendations.
• Identifying customer needs and making plans and marketing activities that meet customer needs and
ensure effective positive relationships with them.
• Training the sales team (medical training - product training).
• Preparing annual marketing plans for specific products and following up on the implementation of
all marketing activities.
• Conduct field visits with the sales team and analyze the market, its requirements and its response
rate to the marketing activities provided by the company.
• Preparing the annual marketing activities budget and presenting it to the direct manager before the
beginning of each year.
• Preparing and implementing marketing activity plans throughout the year that contribute to
customer satisfaction and achieving the desired sales target.
• Providing the necessary tools, promotional materials, and medical publications and following up on
sending them to sales departments.
• Follow up on the sales team’s CRM reports on a monthly basis, ensure that the required target is
implemented, and submit reports of any deviations and submit them to the direct manager.