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Technician in electrical engineering and industrial computing

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Domain Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Industry
Recruitment sector Private
Diploma University degree in technology
National Basic Bachelor’s Degree
National Applied Degree
Diploma of higher technological studies
Diploma of higher technician
Country of assignment Canada
Civil status Single, Married
Specialties Industrial électronics
Industrial computer engineering in the Field of Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Industry
Languages English
Age limit 50
Expected date of recruitment -
Deadline for submission of application 02.10.2022
Number of years of experience 2
Job Description NOC job title: 2241 – Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
Job Category: B
Contract duration: 2 years renewable
Business sector of the company
The transformation of wood from the raw state through various automated machines to obtain a semi-finished product in the form of boards of different sizes.
Job Description
The electrical engineering and industrial computer technician is called upon to perform several tasks, including commissioning, installing and maintaining equipment used for automation. You could also provide electrical control of factories. On a daily basis, you would work on electrical, electronic, robotic, pneumatic, computer or networking equipment. This is what your working day looks like:
• Program programmable logic controllers (PLC)

• Inspect, repair, install and wire all appliances, devices and electrical circuits;

• Check and repair electronic and electrical controls such as computer logic circuits, remote controls, radio control and other remote control systems;

• In the event of breakage (electrical and electronic) during production: inspect mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment as well as construction equipment to determine the type of repairs to be made while minimizing production stoppages;

• Interpret drawings and sketches in order to plan the work to be done, determine the tools and equipment required to assemble the equipment according to specifications and plans;

• Diagnose and solve electrical, electronic and automation problems by taking the appropriate corrective measures to ensure the optimization of equipment, production and quality at all times;

• Updating plans and equipment for prevention or following the work;

• Perform all preventive maintenance work according to established procedures.

• Comply with health and safety standards and use safe work methods.

Job requirements
• Hold a BTS or a BTP in automation, industrial computing, electricity, electronics or electrical engineering.
• Experience of 2 years or more in the field of electrical engineering and industrial automation;
• Have excellent knowledge of automation and electricity;
• Demonstrate resourcefulness, initiative, ability to function under pressure;
• Master problem solving and always be in solution mode and have the ability to work in a team;
• Able to pass judgment on the working process and the methods applied;
• Master the French language both orally and in writing;
• Master the technical English language;
• Punctual and organized;
• Knowledge of the host environment an asset (Quebec and Canada)