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Details about the job offer

industrial painter

N ° of the post


Domain Extractive Industries of Mineral Products, Metals and Building Materials
Recruitment sector Private
Diploma Baccalaureate Diploma
Country of assignment Canada
Duration of contract
Civil status Single, Married
Specialties Treatment and coating of metals, machining
Languages French
Age limit 45
Expected date of recruitment -
Deadline for submission of application 30.03.2022
Number of years of experience 2
Kind Homme, Femme
Job Description Your role in the organization as an industrial painter:
Level of studies:BEP/CAP in industrial painting or equivalent
Years of experience related to the job: Factory and painting experience required
Description of skills: Ability to read and do simple calculations, good physical shape, endurance and good heat tolerance, meticulousness and good sense of observation, sense of organization and collaboration.
Your missions
Your objective is to participate in the smooth running of all the operations of the painting team.
More specifically, your tasks are to:
• Mask, hang, wash, dry, paint and bake the pieces
• Unmask and inspect parts
• Pack the parts according to the required standards
• Report any anomaly and make the necessary corrections
• All other related tasks
Important Notes:
Salary offered: $22.24 and $26.19 per hour + a bonus of $2.00 per hour for weekend positions (Friday to Monday 11:30 a.m.)
Hours: weekend from Friday to Monday 11:30 a.m. or 35 hours of work
Employment status: Permanent - full-time day
Immigration status: temporary
NOC code: 9536
The recruitment procedure is free and immigration costs are borne by the employer.