Ministry of the Economy and Planning

Details about the job offer

Architect with sales experience

N ° of the post


Domain Construction
Recruitment sector Private
Diploma National Architect Diploma
Country of assignment Saudi Arabia
Duration of contract 2 Year
Civil status Single
Specialties Architecture
Architectural design
Interior Design
Languages Arabic
Age limit 45
Expected date of recruitment 01.05.2021
Deadline for submission of application 21.06.2021
Number of years of experience 05
Kind Homme
Job Description Specialty Certificate in fine arts, decoration and interior design
Experience in meeting clients, Understanding and
Discuss their requirements

Signature contracts, visit project monitoring
Create and develop and suggest ideas to the client
Examine the work and ensure its compliance with project requirements
The salary starts at 4500 and after six months there will be an increase of 500
Take advantage of a large and very achievable percentage of the project's returns, Provide accommodation, transportation, a phone line and open Internet access