Ministry of the Economy and Planning

Details about the job offer

Car mechanics

N ° of the post


Domain Services
Recruitment sector Private
Diploma Higher Technical Certificate
Certificate of Professional Technician
Country of assignment Canada
Duration of contract
Civil status Single, Married
Specialties Repair and maintenance of light motors vehicles / Cars
Languages French
Age limit 40
Expected date of recruitment -
Deadline for submission of application 28.10.2020
Number of years of experience 3
Kind Homme, Femme
Job Description Tasks to beperformed
Diagnosis to locatedefects, repair and maintainmechanical, electrical and electronicsystems and elements of motorvehicles.

In particular:
-Check orders and discusswith the technicaladvisor the work to bedone;
-Observe the operation of the engines running, test the vehicles on the road and check the elements and circuits of the vehiclesusingcomputerized diagnostic devices and otherdevices, to identify and isolatedefects;
-Resolve, repair or replace defective parts or components of variousvehiclesystems, such as fuel systems, brakingdevices, steering and suspension mechanisms, engines and powertrains, exhaust and pollution control systems, air conditioning and temperature control systems, and electricalsystems, usingmanualtools or otherspecialequipment.
- Try the repairedsystems and adjustthem to the manufacturer's operating specifications;
- Performperiodic maintenance operationssuch as oildraining, lubrication and development;
- Discusswithcustomers the operationscarried out, the general condition of the vehicles and the repairsthatwill have to be made in the future.
- Check and test mechanicalsystems, such as engines, transmissions, axles and brakingsystems, to locatedefects and imperfections;
- Identify the causes of defects or malfunctions and check diagnoses withsupervisors to determine if parts are repairable or need to bereplaced;
- Repair or replace defective components or components withmanual or mechanicaltools;
- Test and adjust the elements to specifications to ensuretheyworkproperly;
- Align the tires;
- Complete reports to record defects and workperformed;
- Laying and swinging tires;

-Experience in generalmotorvehiclemechanics
-Experience in diagnosingelectrical and electronicdisorders on vehicles
-Ability to readelectrical and electronic plans
-Ability to weldsemi-automatic
-Experience and knowledge about electricvehiclesis an asset
- Driving license for cars (international onetobeorganizedbeforeleavingTunisia)
very good/excellent French speaking and writing skills