Ministry of the Economy and Planning

Details about the job offer

Technician assembler

N ° of the post


Domain Services
Recruitment sector Private
Diploma Higher Technical Certificate
Certificate of Professional Technician
Certificate of Professional Aptitude
Country of assignment Canada
Civil status Single, Married
Specialties Installation, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and equipment
Repair and Maintenance of Electronic Machines
Repair and maintenance of printing machines
Education in the field of services
Occupational safety in the field of services
Languages English
Age limit 45
Expected date of recruitment -
Deadline for submission of application 29.10.2020
Number of years of experience 2
Kind Homme, Femme
Job Description Main tasks :

- Ensure that an efficient pace is maintained, and ensure the accuracy and precision of the work performed.

- Work meticulously and always keep in mind the importance of the work done.

- Be an important element in quality control and assume responsibilities.

- Perform equipment maintenance updates (repairs if necessary).

- Read and understand the production slip.

- Understand and master the documents included in the files produced.

- Program and configure the machine (automatic or manual).

- Supply the positioner, apply the quality standards required for the project.

- Note any anomalies and transfer the information to the production coordinator.

- Ensure the conformity and accuracy of the manufactured product.

- After checking, place the pieces in the baking oven.

- Ensure the cleanliness of his workstation.

- Read the electronic circuit plan: Program the printer, place the stencil in the printer and initiate printing, check, using test plates, the accuracy of the programming.

- Inform the assembler operator of any particularities related to the operation of the printer.

- During production, validate the work of the operator.